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Graffiti artist.

Mural painter.

Visual dreamer..


Born and raised in the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria.

GLOW work is strongly embedded in the urban

environment and the positive transformation of the

public space.

His journey started with graffiti in early 2000s

slowly shaping his personal abstract language and

distinctive style based on bold compositions,

vivid colors and geometric flow.


Artist residency:

2021 Contemporary Painting Sympozium curator Sasho Stoitzov Blagoevgrad (BG)

2021  Drash / PSHITT!! 
Mural artist residency, Namur (Belgium)

2020 NoPoint Atelier
  Screenprinting and mural painting, selo Balani, Gabrovo (BG)


Public Interventions:

2022    GOOD GAME - Basketball + table tennis court, Sofia

2022    WARM BLUE - mural painting inside UACEG as part of “Vertical Gallery” 

2021     PIROTSKA CITY GALLERY  - Systematic artworks, Sofia with Citywise

2021    CELEBRATE DIVERSITY - Mural painting,  Sofia  with Fine Acts

2020   GARDEN OF COLORS - Mural painting in the athrium of  National Gallery Kvadrat 500

2020  GUERILLA ART FESTIVAL - Basketball court and water fountain, Pristina (KO) 

2020   SUNSET OVER THE RIVER - Mural painting, Gabrovo  with NoPoint Atelier

2018  GEOMETRIC LANDSCAPE - Mural painting, Municipality of Tirana (AL)

2017   M Y T I L V S - mural on the cliffs for WeAllWrite,  Ahtopol (BG)

2017   S A G E - four sides mural painting in school yard 1 AEG, Sofia (BG)

2017   ZIG-ZAG  - pedestrian sidewalk with Transformatori  Sofia (BG)

2017   АЗБУКА -  typographic pedestrian sidewalk Sofia University (BG)

2017   RETRO FUTURE - Mural painting at Sofia University Faculty of Journalism (BG)


Solo exhibitions: 

2022    E S C A P I S M - Narrativa Gallery, Veliko Turnovo (BG)
2021     HIGH ON COLOR -
Bar Petyk, Sofia (BG)
   F R * G M E N T SDepoo Space. Sofia (BG)

2018    G L O W I T H E F L O W -  GIFTED.  Sofia (BG)

2017     RAPANA -   pop-up installation at Sunshiners Showroom and GIFTED (BG)

Group exhibitions:

                Limited Prints Only - Depoo Gallery, Sofia (BG)
                Contemporary Painting Sympozium - City Gallery Blagoevgrad (BG)
                LITERY - nauka czytania
Goa Gallery. Łódź (Poland)
                Street Art for Home
- screenprint show. Credo Bonum Gallery. Sofia (BG)
                2020 to remember - NoPoint Residency show. Intro Gallery. Sofia (BG)

                MOS Poland - spraycan design exhbition, Brain Damage Gallery, Lublin (PL)
                Red book - Altar Tattoo Studio, Sofia  (BG)
                Space ≠ Place - KO-OP.  Sofia  (BG)

                The wall - live painting National Gallery Kvadrat 500. Sofia  (BG)
                Blood Brothers - KO-OP. Sofia  (BG)
                 Za depoDepoo space. Sofia (BG)

                Rooms Of Freedom German Embassy in Sofia
                Marble meets GraffitiGIFTED Sofia (BG)

                METHODOLOGYMartinez Gallery.  New York (USA)

                We All WriteRed Dot Gallery. Sofia (BG)

- international skatedecks exhibition at NEUROTITAN. Berlin (DE)
                GO AS YOU PLEASEMUTUO. Barcelona (SP)

               The Design of Words - calligraphy exhibition and book launch, MilanDesignWeek 2015
               Bulgarian Graffiti A to Z –  Sprite Graffiti Fest Sofia  (BG)
               Favourite city - poster exhibition London (UK)
               3G BG GB -  Sofia Gallery,  London  (UK)
               Mixed up -  graffiti exhibition Burgas (BG)
               Under Art -  streetart exhibition Varna (BG)
               Urban Script Continues - streetart exhibition Dresden (DE)
               Mystery Christmas Exchange - street art exhibition at WeAreFriends, Essen (DE)
                Voices from the Street - graffiti exhibition Astry gallery Sofia (BG)



Press & Online:

#FrontierStories interview for Bulleit - video

NoPoint Atelier Residency - video

Methodology - Exhibition at Martinez Gallery

StreetArtNYC - Methodology exhibition in NewYork

Mtn world - Fire at will - GLOW

Street Art United States - 10 Years of ‘Stencibility’


‘GROW’ wall lettering in Zagreb - ISSA


Curatorial projects:

2022   Nadejda City Gallery

2020    GRAFF EXPRESS 2  

2021     Pirotska City Gallery


2020    GRAFF EXPRESS - graffiti art festival, Sofia Bulgaria

2019     North Sofia Jam - graffiti gathering, Sofia Bulgaria

2017      Graffopost -  public interactions on electrical stations, Sofia Bulgaria


International festivals:

international graffiti festival Bol, Brac (CR)
2022    GRAFF EXPRESS 2 -
graffiti festival, Sofia (BG)
2021     PSHIITT! -
mural and graffiti festival, Namur (BE)
2020   Meeting of Styles Kosovo -
  graffiti festival, Pristina (KO)

2019    Meeting of Styles Kosovo - graffiti festival,  Pristina (KO)

2019    URBAN GIANTS -graffiti festival, Milano (IT)

2019    Stencibility - street art festival, Tartu (EST)

2019    43  JAM - mural and graffiti festival, Bjelovar (CRO)

2018    Meeting Of Styles Belgium -  graffiti festival, Antwerp (BEL)

2018    Meeting Of Styles Kosovo - graffiti festival, Pristina (KO)

2018    Meeting Of Styles Canary Islands – graffiti festival, Gran Canaria (SP) 

2018    Meeting Of Styles Germany – Wiesbaden (DE)
2018    URBAN GIANTS -  graffiti festival, Milano (IT) 
2018    Tirana MurAL Festival - Mural festival, Tirana (AL)

2016    Meeting Of Styles Hungary – festival, Budapest (HUN)
2016    Meeting Of Styles Poland – graffiti festival, Lublin (PO)

2016    Step In The Arena – graffiti festival, Eindhoven (NED)

2016    Street Art Festival Thessaloniki – graffiti festival, Thessaloniki (GR)

2016    Meeting of Styles Italy – graffiti festival, Milan (IT)

2015     Meeting of Styles Italy –  graffiti festival, Milan (IT)
2015     Step In The Arena –  graffiti festival, Eindhoven (NED)
2015     dev9t festival –street art festival, Belgrad (SER)
2015     Оhoho Festival – graffiti festival, AKC Medica, Zagreb (CRO)
2015     Savica Cvjeta – street art festival, Zagreb (CRO)

2010     Skate Jam Delft - graffiti and skate festival Delft (NED)

2010     Step in the arena - graffiti festival Eindhoven (NED)


Local festivals:

2021    VTGraff Festival - Veliko Tarnovo 
2020   GRAFF EXPRESS - graffiti festival, Sofia 

2019    STAIRS - graffiti festival, Veliko Turnovo
2019    Sofia Graffiti Battle 4  -  Sofia 

2019    Flava Jam  -  b-boy gathering, Smolyan

2016    SAT Festival - graffiti festival at Five High Indoor Skatepark, Sofia 

2016    We All Write – international festival for mural art, Ahtopol

2015     Sprite Graffiti Fest –  Sofia
2015     WUWEC Festival – international street art festival, Dobrich and Varna

2009   Just Writing My Name – graffiti festival, Sofia

2009   Jam on it - breakdance and graffiti battle Smolyan
2008   Back to basics - graffiti festival, Sofia 

2005   Aerogressia - Tattoo and graffiti festival, Sofia